Protect Your Flooring From Scratches With A Durable Epoxy Coating

Add epoxy flooring to your property in Waucoma, IA

Adding an epoxy top coat to your flooring can do a lot to reduce wear and tear. Hackman/Carolan Painting LLC is always ready to install epoxy flooring in your home or commercial building. Let us know what you want done, and we’ll make it happen.

We follow a particular process to make sure your epoxy floors come out perfect. We will:

  • Grind floors down to smooth them out
  • Clear away dust and debris
  • Apply two coats of epoxy

You can choose to have flakes of paint chips beneath a clear urethane top coat, or you can have a painted look with no flakes.

Discover more uses for epoxy flooring now in Waucoma, IA and all surrounding areas. 

Keep your floors in good shape

Want to prevent scratches and scuffs? Epoxy coatings are the way to go. We can apply epoxy coatings in your warehouse, your garage, your workshop or your retail store. You have plenty of options to consider. Epoxy looks great and holds up over a long time.

Order epoxy coatings for your floors now. Our service area includes Waucoma, Decorah, New Hampton, West Union, Cresco, Fort Atkinson, Protivin, Lawler, St. Lucas, and all of Northeast, Iowa!